Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TAC™ Promos

I am ordering in June if anyone needs anything


Will Stamp For Food said...

grrr it cut it off and the link doesnt have the pics it should

Michelle said...

Never heard of this...will check it out. Holy hat you've been busy... I still don't get the Eeyore thing what kinda paper you put in for it to come out like that if you don't color it....? Totally confused - LOL And as for cards with unthreaded buttons - - that was an early card...when I had no skills ;) - - I know better now...older and wiser ;)

Michelle said...

I checked them out - they have papers that look cute enough....kind of spendy compared to other well-known brands....but I might try a paper you get a discount or is the price I pay the price I see plus tax/shipping...?