Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All the typical ss survey questions answered

Name: Inigo Montoya, oh wait thats not right... um Doris Sisk
scs Name: glitterdovefairy
Birthday: 3-7-1975
What kind of diet/lifestyle plan are you on (i.e. counting calories, Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc.): finding one that works still
Do you have any dietary restrictions: sugar free, low carb
Healthy treats you would love to receive: sugar free peppermint patties, smart pop or other diet popcorn, no salt seasonings
Drinks you might like to receive: peach crystal light or generic brand
Are you a scrapbooker or a cardmaker, or both: d. all the above
Would you like things that you can alter? I have drawers full already
Are you in to digitalstamping? Yes (dustin pike and modern sugar blvd)
Big gifts you would like to receive if your SS sees it on sale or can use a coupon: plastic art bins from joanns that have the idvidual plastic cases in them, I think it has 4 or 5... i have one posted on my blog somewhere
Anything else you think your SS should know about you: never eat candy that has nuts in it, dont wear jewelry, love hello kitty-tattoos-disney-skulls-pirate-rockabilly
I love healthy recipes... 6x6 would be my preference
I dont mind gently used tools
I dont use cards made by others I donate them to charity
I have a few nesties but am not interested in any of the others
diet magazines are good but I subscribe to craft ones already
For gift cards I like hannastamp or joanns.
I have a few but only use the fiskars 12"
Please don't send me paper, I am knee deep in paper. I haven't bought any (besides su) all year and it doesn't look like I have made a dent in it.
5 diet things I enjoy getting
1. smart pop popcorn
2. carmel rice cakes
3. menu planner for fridge
4. almonds
5. fit and fresh containers

Married/Single or Significant other: dh kyle
Any Children: dd, 3 meow babies and a water turtle
If yes How many and Ages & Names: (14) devon
Favorite Color: pink
What are your preferred brands of supplies: DOODLE BUG, su, tac, copic
Are you a consultant or demonstrator for any company (example - SU, CM): tac
What is your favorite embellishment: baubbles - dew drops
Do you like altered or homemade items? What altered items would you like to have: yes, I like note pads, clip boards, buckets, cloths pins to hold photos, magnets, coupon holder file
If you scrapbook what is your style and what colors do you use most: check my gallery for style I use pink and brown most
If you stamp what is your style and what colours do you use most: clean and simple i use browns a lot and black
What colour do you NEVER use, and do not want to receive: blue, I dont like fibers, stickers, or socks... I have all the stickles colors except the ice ones. I only use the atg tape runner 1/2" so please dont send tombo or other tape runners.
What are your hobbies, besides stamping and scrapping: being a mom, traveling, baking, cooking, tattoos
What items do you use most in your crafts? (Example: ribbon, stickers, eyelets, brads.): brads, baubbles, ribbon, glitter, white gel pen, spica glitter pens, mounting tape
Which items do you use the least: eyelets, buttons
What would you LOVE to find in your package: ezmount, primas larger than 1", su ribbon, su paper, ms butterfly punch, ezmount, any non blue or black palette inks, gift cards, sugar free candy, popcorn, coffee, copics (I have 72 copics so it would be tough to send a color I dont have. so I posted my list of wants, glue dots, mounting tape and scotch quick dry glue.

Do you have the Cuttlebug or Sizzix: I have both and a cricut
If so, are there any dies you want:
Nesties tag 1
Cuttlebug Die 2x2 No Sign
Cuttlebug Corset Card
Cuttlebug Ta Da!
what type of adhesive do you use: I only use the atg 1/2" tape runner, mounting tape, glue dots and scotch quick dry glue
Are you a coffee drinker (if so what kind do you prefer?): starbucks, tim hotrons
Are you a tea drinker (if so what kind do you prefer?): trader joes green tea, any peach or apple
What is your favorite candy or snack food: sugar free peppermint patties and popcorn
Anything else you want to share: I love food and cooking things
Are there any types of books that you would like to receive (ie. scrapbooking, cardmaking, altered items, etc: no thanks
Any new products that you would like to try or receive: magnetic snaps
Do you collect anything: japanese things, hello kitty, coffee stuff
What are your fav Layout topics if you are a scrapper (ie: military, family, travel): family, disney, cats, pumpkin patch
Do you have a Bind it All: nope
Do you have a heat gun: yep
Do you have a Xyron? Which one: the little x and the 900
What type of stamps do you use? Wood-mounted? Acrylic: everything but foam
Favorite Holiday: halloween
What is your Favorite Stamp Company: ummm dont think I could pick one
Do you have a Favorite Online Store (you get stamps at): hannastamp or tgf
What craft stores do you frequently purchase from? joanna, hannastamp, tgf
Do you use Stickles? I have all colors except ice and glitz lines
What is your favorite color or color combination? pink/brown
What is your favorite restaurant? a local one that nobody would know and olive garden
What is your favorite scent for candles? Lotions? vanilla or coffee
What size LO's do you create? 12 x12 or 8 x 8 or 6x6 or 8 1/2x11, ect? 12x12
Do you read? Listen to music? Who is your favorite? I dont read, love music all types
a crafting item you have been dieing to try? hello kitty sizzix dies
ribbon or lace: ribbon (love it)
favorite cardstock: SU
favorite ink: palette
brads or eyelets: brads
religious items: no thank you
Where would you most like to travel to: Japan
Favorite food: tatter tot casserole (oh I miss it)
Do you like diet cook books: yes
favorite season: spring
favorite time of day: night


Michelle said...

What are baubbles?

Will Stamp For Food said...

dew drops
rain drops
diamond drops
all the same just depends on the company :)