Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jades invitations

I wound up with a few versions of the same invite and none turned out as planned. I had to use 3 different background papers because I didnt have enough of any one. I had 2 copics die during the coloring process so the monkeys changed colors a few times. (hannastamp is replacing the broken copics) I printed my tikis too big so they wound up on the inside instead of on the front as planned. I used 3 different tikis but only took pics of two. All digi images are from Dustin Pike. I ran out of ribbon so there are two types of that used. Over all it went ok. 30 done and in envelopes ready to be handed out. Time to party.


jen said...

i want an invite-- those monkeys are C U T E!

Melissa Craig said...

LOL - oh my gracious those are too funny! They are going to the hit of the party!!